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Outdoor Full Color LED Display / LED Screen

Rental LED Display / Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor Full Color LED Display/ LED Screen

Function of Outdoor Full Color LED Display/ LED Screen
1. With three display mode: VGA + VIDE, Video and VGA, this LED Display/ LED Screen is able to play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB files, play video recorder, DVD player (VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs;
2. 4096 grey scale control system and the color is over 16.7 millions, and the brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma are all adjustable, whose scope is 256 grade;
3. Show the text, images, video, 2D, 3D animation with your PC synchronously;
4. Double-line technology is used for the picture adjustment;
5. Can be connected with PC and the web net and show the content, and also can be controlled remotely via VPM+ADSL;
6. With the function of anti-corrosion and waterproof, so it is applicable to all kinds of outdoor weather.

Note for Rental LED Display
1. The new control system has been used for Rental LED Display, which has a higher demanding;
2. The new system can achieve 1000:1 contrast, 65536 (16bits) gray scale, high refresh rate at 4500 Hz, richer color performance and the stable effect of the screen;
3. Suitable for live broadcast and so on to meet the higher requirements;
4. Equipped with the brightness regulating system to adjust the brightness of the entire screen, so that the brightness of each LED can be the same;
5. The brightness correction of the LED Display can be carried out when leaving factory and after its use, so that its life-span can be doubled.