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Indoor Full Color SMD LED Display

Rental LED Display / Advertising LED Screen

Indoor Full Color SMD LED Display

Function of Indoor Full Color SMD LED Display
1. Video Playing:
(1) Video camera playing: clean and flick-free images; so this kind of rental LED display can be used for live broadcast of various programmes;
(2) Video recorder playing: our advertising LED screen is suitable for playing VCD, DVD and LD etc.;
(3) Our indoor full color SMD LED display is applicable to various kinds of file format: AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT and VOB etc.;
(4) The brightness, contrast, saturation and color of our indoor full color SMD LED display can be adjusted;
(5) Display model: VGA+VIDE, Video, VGA
(6) Video image compression control function is available in our indoor LED display;
(7) Simultaneous display;
(8) Line-double function is available;
(9) One audio signal is offered to power amplifier and at least other 2 video input interfaces are available;

2. Information publishing:
(1) The indoor LED display is able to display various computer information, images and figures as well as 2D and 3D animations;
(2) Rolling display of various kinds of information, notice and sloganeer etc.; and large quantity of data can be saved;
(3) English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese can all be input in our indoor LED display;
(4) Text message can be 9played in our rental LED display and different display model is provided for your choice;
(5) Text massage can be moved to the upper or left part of the LED display and played recurrently; various letter form and word size for your option;
(6) Play speed can be set; several message can be played simultaneously or played with animation or images;
(7) Time and date display is possible; character string and expression can all be displayed;

3. Network function:
(1) Network interface is equipped: capable of playing network information;
(2) Several screens in different area can be controlled at the same time through network; VPM + broadband could be adopted to remote control.

Note for Rental LED Display
1. The new control system has been used for Rental LED Display, which has a higher demanding;
2. The new system can achieve 1000:1 contrast, 65536 (16bits) gray scale, high refresh rate at 4500 Hz, richer color performance and the stable effect of the screen;
3. Suitable for live broadcast and so on to meet the higher requirements;
4. Equipped with the brightness regulating system to adjust the brightness of the entire screen, so that the brightness of each LED can be the same;
5. The brightness correction of the LED Display can be carried out when leaving factory and after its use, so that its life-span can be doubled.